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French Marans

Famed for their dark chocolate brown eggs, the Marans originate from France.
They are an extremely popular dual purpose breed. They are fast growing and hardy.




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General Information


When does a hen start to lay?
A pullet could start laying as early as four months, however, normally a pullet will lay at 18-20 weeks and peak at 35 weeks.  The peak will last about 10 weeks, and then production will slowly decline.

How many eggs does a hen lay?
A hen will lay one egg approximately every 25 hours. A hen may lay an egg for three or four days in a row and then "take the day off" when her laying time reaches late in the day.  A hen could lay between 180 to 320 eggs her first year.  Her production is best during her first year.  Production decreases during the winter due to fewer daylight hours.


What is a Pullet?
A female chicken less than a year old.

What is a Hen?
A female chicken over a year old.

What is a Cockerel?
A male chicken less than a year old

What is a Cock/Rooster?
A male chicken over a year old.

How long will a hen lay?
A hen will lay until about eighteen months, then molt, and start laying again once the molt is over, although the frequency will start to decline after this.  A hen will lay until she is approx. 3 years old.

What is Molt?
Molting is a natural process that allows the hen to replace old, worn feathers and rejuvenates her oviduct, the organ that “makes” eggs. With the molt, the hen puts the bulk of her energy into feather growth, leaving little for egg production.
Natural molting is a seasonal process related to changes in day length. It usually occurs in the fall after chicks fledge, but in domestic birds it can occur at any time.

 Black Copper Marans

Wade Jeane Bloodlines

Dark Brown Eggs from Black Copper Marans

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Pricing & Availability Policy:
Pricing is for  6+ and 12+ eggs and includes shipping.  You may order as many eggs as you want, however, orders will be processed based on egg availability and payment received.  We fill orders on a first come first serve basis.  We make no guarantees on hatching of the eggs.  If you choose to wait, we will place you on a waiting list and fill the order as soon as eggs are available.  To be placed on a list, you must pay for your order up front.  We ship in the order of payments received.  We will refund money in full on orders that cannot be filled.


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Black Copper Eggs

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